Caring for Batteries

Many devices, appliances, and pieces of equipment that you use on a daily basis run on batteries. Some of these batteries can be easily replaced, such as the batteries in your television remote. Others, such as the battery in your laptop or tablet, may not be quite as easy to change. All of these batteries will last longer if you take proper care of them. This is especially true for rechargeable batteries and batteries in vehicles. Most people, though, don’t seem to know the basics of battery care. With just a little bit of work, you can save yourself a lot of money by extending the life of these batteries.


Car Batteries

Car batteries are designed to last around five years, but you can extend that life if you practice good battery maintenance. These batteries are used in more than just cars, though. They’re also used in motorbikes, golf trolleys, and other small vehicles. These vehicles are often not used during the colder months. If you’re going to be storing a vehicle for several months without use, it’s important that you disconnect the battery. Otherwise, the battery will still actually be in use. The electrical system of a vehicle does draw a small amount of power even when it’s turned off, so if you leave the battery connected, it may have no charge when you need the vehicle.

Motorbike Batteries

In addition to disconnecting your motorbike when not riding it for long periods of time, you’ll also want to check the battery regularly and do some preventative maintenance. Make certain that the battery is clean and that is has the correct amount of battery acid in it. Make sure the various connectors and cables are not damaged and, if they are, replace them as soon as you can. If your battery is damaged or has run down, you can get a replacement from County Battery, which carries a wide range of different motorbike batteries.

Power Tool Batteries

Many power tools, including hand drills and portable saws, also use batteries instead of plugging into electrical outlets. These tools use small lithium batteries that can often be used with a variety of different pieces of equipment. They need to be kept dry and clean so that nothing damages the battery or its connection to the tool itself. For nickel-cadmium batteries, it’s important to fully discharge the battery periodically and then recharge it completely.


When charging, make certain the battery is removed from the charger once it is fully charged, and always make certain the battery is not left out in the cold. Those who work on construction sites should take their power tools and batteries inside at the end of the day, especially during cold months.

Storing Batteries

Some batteries actually run down if they’re not in use or aren’t being recharged. This happens when the chemicals inside the batteries start to react due to the battery going unused. You will want to regularly recharge a battery that’s not being used in order to make sure it doesn’t run down. Make certain you know what type of charger you need and that you do not overcharge the battery

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