Common Reasons why your Website Traffic Drops

A lot of business owners find it time-consuming and challenging to keep up with internet and technology changes. Not many of them know the right approach when they see that their web traffic drops. It must be best to know the various reasons this event can occur and the available solutions for you.

Why Traffic Drops

  • You Don’t Understand How Google Works- Is your site current with the recent algorithm update? In case you still don’t have any idea, Google rules the World Wide Web so you should always be concerned about changes that Google make to its search algorithm. Such changes are made in order to improve the experience of users by making sure that sites which show up on search engine results page can really help the searcher. Google made an update on its algorithm at the start of this year so better learn more about it.


  • You Ineffectively Redesign your Site- In case you have recently re-designed your site and you still notice a drop in site traffic, there are some things can do in order to check if you are actually the problem. Are the redirects properly implemented from the old site pages to your site? Is your website optimized for search engines? Perhaps you think it is easy to redesign your site; however, know that there are a lot of technical issues you need to be mindful of in order to make sure that your website traffic isn’t messed up. You can consider SEO for startups to help you with the redesign.
  • Your Site is Blacklisted- Know that Google will blacklist you if you use shady marketing strategies. These strategies can include keyword stuffing which is used to be acceptable in the SEO world; however, gets sites in trouble today. Ensure that you make clean marketing effort with the right intentions.


  • Technical Problems- Did your site experience server problems? What about indexing problems? Your website could be facing technical issues in many ways. If you are not a webmaster, understanding ways to fix such technical problems could feel like translating a foreign language. Learn more about technical problems that a website can experience and know how to respond to these issues.
  • Your Website is not as Helpful- Your site may not be as good as other sites in the internet. As Google constantly enhances its algorithms, it can identify the sites that can help solve the search inquiry of people with the best outcomes. Thus, your website traffic drops, Google might not think your site is a great as you think it is.

Tools to Help you Get your Website Traffic Back Up

  • Search Console- This Google program helps you in diagnosing and fixing any issues your site is experiencing within the search index of Google. It helps in determining crawl stats and crawl errors as well as detects malware.
  • SEM Rush-This paid service lets you do comprehensive research to understand where your traffic comes from, where to grow it and more. This is the right service if your site is not as helpful as others or is being impacted due to natural reasons.


  • Google Analytics- Google Analytics identifies your famous content and your traffic’s demographics as well as monitors your everyday search traffic.

Author Bio – Clayton Johnson is an SEO expert. A lot of his blogs are focused on helping small business owners achieve their marketing and business goals.

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