Marketing to Millennials: How Buying Instagram Followers and Tailoring Your Content Can Make Your Platform Millennial-Approved

Children are our future. You’ve heard that saying countless times, to be sure, and nowhere is this notion truer than in the world of business. Today’s children are tomorrow’s movers, shakers, and consumers. The social media revolution that has swept the world during the past decade is proof of that, and this movement is only gaining momentum as time goes by. Yesterday’s sub-Tweeting teens are today’s social media managers and communications directors, and they are in turn revolutionising the way in which companies present and market themselves—and to the surprise of no one, social media ranks among this generation’s favourite tools.

When conducting marketing plans today, especially plans geared towards Millennials, you need a powerful online presence, including on Instagram. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to market effectively to Millennials on Instagram, and how to increase your Likes in the process.

Likes with Likes

As Plato states in The Republic, “Likes go with Likes,” and this same basic idea applies when it comes to marketing to Millennials today. Not only are people more likely to Like your page or platform if you already have likes to your credit, but they’re likewise more likely to Like you if your interests match up with theirs. Social media, for all the many numbers and algorithms that define it, is an identity game. We build circles of Followers with whom we identify, with whom we share common interests or goals, and with those we “Like,” in every sense of the term.

There are a variety of different approaches to gaining the Likes needed to get the kind of momentum and buzz you need for your business, with one of the most popular solutions being the option to buy Instagram Likes. Doing this can help greatly when it comes to solving the first problem—buy more Likes, and your profile immediately looks more attractive to those that might add and Like you themselves. Thus, Likes beget Likes, buzz begets buzz, and before you know it you have a self-sustaining marketing and publicity engine to power your online interests for months to come.

Marketing to Millennials

When it comes to marketing on Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, or similar sites, your biggest audience—and certainly one of the most impactful demographics online—is sure to be Millennials. While you naturally need to take into consideration your company’s overall look and message, it might behoove you from time to time to employ marketing strategies, language, and an overall demeanor that appeals to this important subset.

One easy way to do this? Use mediums on your platforms that are Millennial-friendly. GIFs are a great example of a message that’s understood by Millennials across the world, and can fit neatly into a Facebook and Twitter post. There’s also the matter of balancing tone and content in-line with the manner in which Millennials perceive and use different mediums. For example, Instagram and Pinterest are very image-heavy sites, so you’ll want to employ your most dazzling photographs and images on those accounts, while sites such as Facebook, while still placing a great emphasis on images, give much more room to craft a witty, well-worded statement.

From buying Instagram Followers to crafting Millennial-friendly messages, marketing to Millennials today is a great way to ensure you company’s prosperity tomorrow.

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