What Are The Best Video Game Consoles To Consider Buying In 2017?

There are so many video game consoles on the market at the moment. It becomes increasingly difficult to make a good choice. That is mainly because all large manufacturers do all that they can in order to offer something new and something better. While in most cases we see subjectivity as being the most important factor to consider, we should at least consider all the options to make a great choice. Some want to just play RPG games with no download but those that want the very best gaming experiences are those mentioned below.

Video Game Consoles To Consider

Sony PS4 Pro Neo

The latest of the PS4 game consoles is something that should be considered by every single PlayStation fan out there. Even if the Slim version is also to be considered, the Pro option gives access to HDR video, 4k and so much more thanks to the new GPU installed. As opposed to the Xbox One S, 4k resolution is going to be available to much more than just video playback. Games are going to be specifically upscaled just to fully take advantage of this option.

Microsoft Xbox One S

Some will say that the Xbox One S is better than the Sony PS4 Pro and the truth is that making a choice between the two is normally going to be subjective. These are the two main consoles on the market. The Xbox fans will not get something that is innovative or much stronger. However, the console is lighter and smaller. Storage included is a surprising 2 TB and we do have 4k resolution support for video playback.

Nintendo Wii U

What is interesting is that this console has now been popular for 4 years. This is quite a lot more than what many expected. It is really useful for families and casual gamers. We can say that it is in a niche of its own. The new Wii U will offer the remote and the games that are already known but the addition of the gamepad is something that makes a change to a part of the market that still relies on the regular gaming experience. With Nintendo Switch being launched in 2017 and the Wii U not being manufactured anymore, the switch will be made.

Nvidia Shield TV

This is a really interesting device that has really cheap games available at the moment. You can actually buy a game for just $1 thanks to Android games. Obviously, some more advanced and more expensive games will be available. Shield gives the main features you would expect from the media streamer but there are Shield exclusives that simply make the device better.


All of the gadgets mentioned above are really interesting and need to be considered by gamers. Obviously, the choice is not going to be simple. Take a look at professional reviews and do think about the games that you like. Some of the platforms are simply a lot better for some specific games when compared with others.

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