Who Must Pay Tv License


Well, you can say that as of today, nothing is really free. There might be countries where watching tv is free but not in some countries as they need to obtain tv license which comes with a license number. If you have heard about this already yet you have not acquired a license yet thinking that this will not affect you, you are certainly wrong. If you happen to be in a country where tv license is required, then you must learn about this. You can check tv licence contact number uk for numbers to contact so that you will be able to familiarize yourself about the rules and regulations surrounding tv licensing.

Not all are demanded to get tv licensing, to know if you are one of those who must get tv license, feel free to check out below:

  • Students who happen to live in halls of residence are required to get their own tv license. There is a good chance that you are not covered by the hall’s license and there is also a good chance that you are not covered by your parent’s license. So, if you are enjoying BBC broadcast or using tv receiving equipment, you should inquire if you need to acquire your own tv license from the designated agency.


  • Tenants or lodgers. If you are just one of the tenants like you are really living separately in a self-contained accommodation, then there is a good chance you are not covered by your landlord. You might need to get your own tv license. You should inquire about this as well as failure to get a tv license and you should get one, then you will be prosecuted by the law and will be penalized.
  • Those who are over 75 years old don’t need to get tv license as they are free. This is why, if you are about to turn 75 years old and you need to get or renew your tv license, just get a short coverage enough for you to pass your 75th This way, you will only be paying a minimal amount.
  • If the holder is blind or severely sight impaired. If this is your situation, you might only be incurred 50% of the real price of the tv license. However, you need to submit a proof of your disability. For more information about this, you can call the TV License Support Helpline at 0843 506 8873.
  • Admins of businesses and organizations. If you are running a business and you have your own tv set, then you need to acquire a tv license. Not getting a tv license will have you penalized by the government of course and will only mar the reputation of your business.


  • If you ahve a second home and you also have another tv set in that home, then you also need to get a tv license. This is given though that the second home is not connected with your first home or it is a distance away.

Author Bio: Mike Knowles is a tv license officer. He strongly advises those who have their own tv sets to really learn about tv licensing rules and regulations.

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